Saturday, April 23, 2011

All About Steve

This is a funny, funny movie with a great cast of characters. Sandra Bullock plays Mary, an eccentric crossword puzzle creator, who falls madly in lust with Steve (played by Bradley Cooper) on a blind date. After publishing a crossword all about him in the newspaper, she loses her job, and decides to follow Steve on the road with his news team. What ensues is hilarious stuff. While the socially inept Mary is mostly unbearable, you can't help but watch where her antics will take her.

The acting from everyone is brilliant in this film, as much of it is tongue in cheek, but still believable. Thomas Haden Church has some ridiculous lines as the news reporter, but they are roll around on the floor funny. Sandra Bullock plays Mary perfectly, and Bradley Cooper is drop dead gorgeous. It's suitable for kids too.We laughed and laughed!

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